Artists and Their Inspiration

A Guide through Indonesian Art History (1930-2015)

This book covers the development of modern and contemporary art, from the colonial period in the nineteen-thirties to the present time of globalization. Each chapter is based on important historical moments that changed the course of the art world. Special attention is paid to individual artists who invented new concepts, styles and techniques.

The Indonesian art world is divided over several geographic centers that are far away from each other (Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bali). For an outsider, it is not that easy to discover the places where modern and contemporary art can be found. A special webside will be added to the book in which more information is given about individual artists and places that can be visited (museums, galleries and cultural centers).

Dr. Helena Spanjaard is a Dutch art historian based in Amsterdam. Since 1980 she has been active in the field of modern and contemporary Indonesian painting as a writer, researcher and curator.

- Interview with Helena Spanjaard: “Indonesian modern art should be studied by art historians”, Leiden Arts in Society Blog, June 30, 2016.

- “In het voorwoord licht Spanjaard toe wat er precies in de diverse hoofdstukken behandeld zal worden en reeds daar wordt de lezer getrakteerd op prachtige afbeeldingen, die het hele boek sieren. Nu ik de recensie schrijf voor dit boek kan ik het opnieuw niet laten om steeds heen en weer te bladeren in het boek om naar de schitterende afbeeldingen van de kunst te kijken.”
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