Encuentro Arte Contemporaneo di Caribe

First Biennale Encounter Of Caribbean Contemporary Art Aruba 2011-2012

The Prome Encuentro Bienal Arte Contemporaneo di Caribe, Aruba was successfully held between July and December 2012 in different locations on the island. Aruba has had the privilege to be the host of many renowned artists of the region together with six of Arubas local top artists.The «One Happy Island» slogan of Aruba was put in perspective in the main exhibition called «Happy Islands». From an artistic point of view artists showed their, often ambivalent perception of the recent growth in many Caribbean islands.The biennial program showed a six month activities that embodied exhibitions, workshops, conferences and lectures, with a special focus on the youth.

“This catalogue will revive the astonishing works of art of the first Aruban Biennial and will serve furthermore as an important reference book to the mesmerizing beauty of contemporary Caribbean art.”
(excerpt from the foreword by Michelle Hooyboer-Winklaar, Minister of Economic Affairs, Social Affairs and Culture)