Kahe Gaile Bides. Why did you go overseas?

on Bhojpuri migration since the 1870's

People from the Bhojpur region (Uttar Pradesh and Bihar) in India were recruited around 1900 to work on overseas plantation colonies. This fascinating study shows why they left and how they kept certain aspects of their culture alive for generations. So deeply rooted was this culture, that even today it is extant among Hindustani in Suriname and The Netherlands.

This book is the result of the Bidesia Project, a joint project from the GB Pant Social Science Institute (GBPSSI) in Allahabad, India; the IMWO, Anton de Kom Universiteit, Suriname; and Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam.

Badri Narayan Tiwari and Nivedita Singh (India), Narinder Mohkamsing, Elizabeth Mohkamsing-den Boer, Sahiensha Ramdas and Maurits Hassankhan (Suriname), and Chitra Gajadin (the Netherlands).