Architectural quality

A note on architecture policy

In 1985, in his function as Chief Government Architect in The Netherlands, Tjeerd Dijkstra wrote a note on the concept of architectural quality and the criteria that in his opinion could be applied when assessing building plans. Since then some thirty years have elapsed and still there is a need for clarity about the concept of architectural quality, not only in governmental institutions but everywhere in society where individual citizens and social groups are concerned with the qualitative development of their environment.

In this note Tjeerd Dijkstra describes which concepts play an important part in the definition of architectural quality. After a reflection on these concepts, he enters into the procedures of monitoring and assessment.
The proposed criteria and procedures have a general tenor and are usable as
a theoretical background for all those who are concerned with architectural quality, in governmental institutions, but also for private clients and interested citizens.

Dutch version:
Architectonische kwaliteit